Thursday, August 6, 2015

New experiences

Well guys I'm back. School is starting in the next couple of weeks and I will be riding again this semester at my university however this fall I won't be able to ride hunt seat due to class scheduling but I am going to take this opportunity to try a new discipline. So for the fall semester I will be riding western and am by no means giving up hunt seat and will most likely go back to that in the spring I just couldn't stand the thought of not finding for a semester so why not try something new. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A long update will either be posted today or tomorrow because I have a midsemester break starting today. Until the happy riding 

Friday, March 7, 2014

It's Friday

So glad it's Friday it's been a long week but it's Friday and that only means it's the weekend and that means it's time to ride everyone have fun.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday blues

Hey everyone i' m back from a long weekend but other then that its been great our team did great both days and we even came in as a high point school on Saturday. I don't have a riding update for this week because it is snowing as we speak well type in my case and so my Monday lesson was canceled, however i am going home this weekend and i am hoping to get the chance to pop over to my barn and ride. So maybe i will get in a ride this week if nature decides to cooperate. If its snowing or just plain cold where you live then i hope you are  all cuddled up and warm and don't forget about our horse friends who also need to be toasty warm.
Until next time

Friday, February 28, 2014


It's been a rough couple of weeks for school but riding has been great even with all of the no stirrup work we have been doing. We are heading to a show this weekend and I am going to bond better with my team and watch some amazing riders. I will post more later this weekend as the events unfold. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines day

Happy valentines hope everyone had a love filled day and show our horses some love too . Love you all 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some people ask me why

People have asked me why.
The question that i seem to get a lot throughout my schooling is why i enjoy riding horses so much.
This is normally asked by non horse friends and they really do not understand what it truly means to love a creature so much. The reason i ride is because it is my passion it is not just a hobby, and it is not just something that you can start and stop but it is something that makes me well me. Riding has given me independence and well as an unbreakable bond between a human and a 12,000 lb animal. To me this is beauty in it best form. With out riding i do not feel as if i would be a whole person i think i would feel as if a part of my soul and heart was missing. Riding is something that i will never be able to live without it is what has made me the person i am today and that really has an impact on a person when your instructor makes a comment on it. She has told me countless times before that she could always tell i would be around horses and nothing would stop me from one day having my own and i feel that both of the statements that she spoke are entirely true because without horses i would have no life to continue on with. Horses are what brings me joy and happiness to an otherwise normal life of a current college student. You know you truly love horses when you are more worried about them being cold in this weather then how cold you are while walking to class in the snow or the fact that you think they need a new saddle pad or other things when in all reality they have more things then you, but to me none of that matters i would and will continue to put money in horses for what i feel that they need instead of using it on myself because buying stuff for the horses is what makes me happy and i would continue to do that because it makes me happy and thats all that really matters. I am an equestrian and the equine is what makes me me.

Update on life

Hey guys i'm back its been just a few weeks but i am back and better then ever. I was able to go home from school last weekend and got to ride at my old barn which was amazing considering i got to ride the newest member of our farm a he is still draft horse named ember. He is my baby ,but for those of you who where here when i was still working with Gus he is still there and as crazy as ever. So over the weekend i was able to ride ember but i also got to ride jefferson who is built more like a sport horse and i got to work on some grids with him which was a fantastic experience considering i had not jumped since September or October.Okay so that covers my weekend at home so i then left to come back to my university on Sunday for  another full week as well as my Monday lesson for the equestrian team at my school. This week has been surprisingly good except for the cold and the snow but hey i got a day off of class so i'm not complaining. i just cant wait to get back on a horse again next week, and i hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and valentines day as well. If you are stuck with snow i hope that you stay cuddled up and warm as well as keeping your horsey friends warm as well.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Back

Hey Guys sorry i was on such a long hiatus it just got crazy with school and still kind of is considering i am now in college and riding with the equestrian club at my university. i feel as if i have become a better riding and can wait to be able to have some time to update my blog more frequently since i now have a little more time. i hope that you will stick with me as i get this blog up and running again but thanks for sticking in there for awhile considering i was away from my blog.
love to my followers,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bright idea give me your input

so over the past few days from google to pinterest and tumbler several other bloggers have put pictures up with things that equestrians can relate to so i was considering doing the same and also letting my followers to add there own contributions to the pictures and captions for the blog

so comment and let me know if you think its a good idea

Sunday, March 4, 2012

lessons march 3

Hey everyone in the blogging world  lessons yesterday well wnet better then expected due to the fact that i could not ride gus because he pulled a shoe and then stepped on the side clip so it then pulled a little bit of hoof wall off so we have been soaking it in epson salts and hot water try and help. so i had to ride jefferson and let me just say it was so nice not having to fight for a canter and i didnt leave exhausted evne though i had to work on collection it was not a bad lesson after all and i have decided that for any jumping that needs to be done in shows i would like to use jefferson because gus is just holding that back while he is pretty good for flat work even if it means i wont be able to qualify for any champion level ribbons but oh well.

ps. her is some pictures for the past lessons

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hey I am back

Hey everyone I am so sorry I havent updated in a year well more like 7months but got some exciting news I got the collegiate senior event saddle for Christmas and its absolutely fantastic I love riding in it . I have already done one fox hunt this year and have been conditioning and doing some jumping with Gus and we are doing okay.

Monday, August 8, 2011

havent died

hey everyone i havent died just thought i would give you an update Gus has been out for  two weeks due to an abscess in his hoof so i have been riding jeffferson and let me say the first lesson wwas so bad it felt like i had never ridden before i could get him to collect and i was bouncing all over the place so i was not happy with that lesson and was glad it was not videoed  this weeks lesson how ever was much better we did jumping and it was a sucess we trotted and cantered some jumps  and worked on collection at the trot and canter and rode with out sturrips i cant wait for this weekend lesson because i start school on thursday so riding is going to be a relief and then i am goin to the movies that afternoon i might also stay  and help with the after noon class and maybe try to ride indigo or even just groom him so he is being taken care of too thats it for now i will update next weekend

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

going riding tomorrow

Tomorrow i hope i am going riding and i am going to try to video what i am doing to post it on here. so i can see how consistent we are through the next two weeks and i am going to do it in black and white and am going to add music so if you comment tell me what music you would like to here we are going to be doing flat work and maybe some dressage so i hop i can find my video camera

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am back from my second beach trip and thought i would update so last firday june 30 i had a private lesson and we did a little jumping and sime half passes and i got a suprise i was talking to my instructor and we talked about how i wouldnt be able to ride for a while but she is going to let me ride while she is gone over seas she thinks i am a good enough rider and she trusts me

i have to have an adult with me and no jumpping but other then that i am really excited
thats really all thats be going on in my life lately

Ps. Sara have fun in china cant wait to see you again good luck on the horse search again

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


this is just going to be a short update sorry i have been M I A for a month and it may be more i leave for the beach this saturday then leave again july second and the my instructor and one of my best friend are leaving for China so no riding for a while which is very sad the only ride i might get in is the sunday i get back after the first beach trip so thats whats up in my life sorry to keep everyone out there hanging love you guys i will post when i get back from the  beach with some pictures

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a video that got me thinking

I just finished watching a video on YouTube that really made me think and i hope this is a long time from now but the quote used in the video only the good die young. i cant imagine losing a best friend that has been there with you from the begging weather its the first show, first time trailering, all the falls, trail rides, foxhunts,and more but no matter what age they leave they are always there in our hearts and will always be with us no matter what we move on to do. it just got me thinking on if i ever lost Gus even if he isn't mine it feels like he is and i know my heart would break into a billion pieces because of the lose of a good friend that never judged or got mad but was their for a shoulder to cry on and they are a rock when you need them Horses are different then people no matter what my happen to you they always are there to comfort you and it always helps to have someone there that will stand by you.

right now i still have my best friend but the day that changes i know it will be the worst day of my life 

the pictures here show the bond that i have with this horse that is going to last for a long time

Monday, April 18, 2011

one thing that means spring to me

Okay as the title says there is one thing that means spring to me and that is the annual spring riding clinic. that is what i think of when i hear the word spring. the camp was enjoyable with helping and riding the first day we did cross country jumps in the top pasture and the second day we did a mock horse show and it was all a good way to get Gus's training further along. We have an upcoming show in may and Gus and i will hopefully place a little higher this year then last with his training being further along then last year.